I’ve always┬áliked reading fantasy and as a child had no trouble accepting unicorns and dragons even though I’d never seen them. The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge was the first fantasy book that I can remember. I was enthralled by the notion that a mythical creature could exist beside ordinary mortals.

Fantastic ideas came into some of the children’s books I wrote. Flying was a vital part of a YA book and a middle grade novel. Both remain unpublished but I have hopes for them. When I started writing about Lyta, a princess in the imaginary demesne of Aldea, the members of my writing group were skeptical. They told me they weren’t into fantasy. I think I may have changed their minds a little but perhaps they are just behaving like kind friends.

I submitted the finished novel to various agents and publishers and was rejected regularly until I sent it to Solstice Publishing. They accepted it and Blade and Blood was released in May, 2017. Selling the book has not been easy and I’ve realized that writing is a breeze compared to marketing. Editing comes a close second.

Fantasy has its special difficulties. You can’t use John and Mary as your characters’ names if they live in an imaginary land. Names and titles need a logic of their own. I used different endings for male and female names and had to keep tabs on the growing population. Sometimes a name didn’t sound right and went through several variations before I was satisfied. Then of course, other demesnes had to be named along with towns,cities, mountain ranges, lakes and rivers. Inventing a whole continent involves a lot of work. I also had to decide on such matters as styles of clothing, weapons, food and meals, customs, religion and flora and fauna. It all ended up as being vaguely medieval in nature.

I am currently chugging away at the sequel as I rashly promised the publisher a three book series. If I produce a book each year, I should complete the series by the end of 2018. Blade and Blood is available from Amazon in both kindle and paperback editions.