My first published books were written for children but I always yearned to be a writer of adult fiction. I won’t even describe my earliest efforts because they were sooooooo bad. Fortunately, the old adage is true: practice does make perfect. Well, not exactly perfect but at least, slightly better. I’ve recounted the embarrassing tale of my self-published novel. The cover age was nice and if you really want to see me squirm, then go to

When a writing friend submitted a novel to Solstice Publishing,I got hopeful about publication. I’ve already mentioned my fantasy novel BLADE AND BLOOD

so┬áthis is the place for my other books. The Solstice release date for ABOUT VEE is September 15 2017 so depending on when you are reading this, it is already out in the wide world or about to be born. It tells the story of Grace Victoria Stuart, a woman in her 80’s who is living in a retirement home. I know a bit about such places as my mother lived in a retirement complex and although she didn’t occupy a room in the BIG house, I became familiar with life there. Vee thinks a lot about her past which is so much more interesting than her present. But, her life changes when Keith Albert Theodore becomes a resident. Aha!

I hadn’t quite finished her story by the end of the book so a sequel was needed. That is called VEE AGAIN and is almost complete.