Marketing Struggles

Writing can be enjoyable. Being published is definitely enjoyable but marketing is the least enjoyable part of the whole process. I find it really difficult to blow my own horn in places where people might hear me and then buy the book.

I have no trouble talking about the books of other people and giving my honest opinion. But what do you say about your own paperback or kindle baby? I am more likely to say that the novel is not too bad which is hardly an enthusiastic endorsement. So what more should I be doing?

I read that acquiring followers on Twitter is a great way to spread the word about my writing but quite frankly, Twitter scares me. I think Trump has given it a bad name. I’d hate to be someone who tweets every day about every detail in her life. Why would people find me interesting? Maybe I should consider this branch of social media more seriously. I’ll get back to you about my decision. .

I write a weekly blog on This poor alter ego website gets ignored; I should make a determined effort to write at least a monthly post. This will be the March 2019 one.

I have just submitted the third book in my RULERS AND MAGIANS series. It was a tough one to write and I am glad it is done. Now, of course, I will have to edit it and then market it when the novel becomes live later this year. Oh dear! I am dreading it already. I wish I had help like the cobbler who was assisted to make shoes by night time elves. I want a marketing elf who is willing to work hard on promotion, preferably during the day. Not sure what he/she would want to be paid. I can hardly offer my royalty payments as the poor thing would starve to death.

Next month, I will write about my current scribblings. I have three books on the go at the moment. See you in April.

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