June Update

Actually, it is almost July as Canada Day is tomorrow. I have been very neglectful of my Molly Fraser site and blog and have decided to do something about it on a regular basis. I also must work on my my Molly Fraser Facebook author page. Why is promoting books so much harder than writing them? I need a magic presence like an advertising elf who takes care of all the business side, spreads the word and create sales without needing payment. Perhaps just a gentle pat on the back or an edible treat. Do elves like dark chocolate?

I should explain what has been going on writing wise in the last months. I have been trying to complete the third book in my fantasy trilogy and so far am about half way through the first draft. It’s hard going finishing a third book and do not think I’ll try it again. My first mistake was joining the first two books into one and creating the sized book that could strike a fatal blow. Should have stuck to my original plan and made four books in total. I know three is a trilogy so what the heck is four books? Guess it’s a quartet. Anyhow, the grand plan is to finish the whole story of Lyta and company by the end of August. We shall see how that works out. I may end up killing the lot of them if the writing becomes too annoying. Total war might work but then who would tell the tale?

Apart from writing, I have been editing. I have completed the edits for TREASON AND TROUBLE, Book 2 of the fantasy trilogy and recently have been sent the first round of edits for VEE AGAIN. So, both books should be published this year and I will let people know the release dates. I hope if you bought one of these or both, you will want to know what happened to Vee and Keith and whether Lyta and Quilin were happily married. Spoiler alert. Maybe for each couple.

My two young adult novellas were released earlier this year. HIPPO HANNA and JOKING JAMIE are two parts of the same story. She is an overweight student in Grade 9 who has been harassed by him since since Grade 7 when Jamie gave each of them an alliterative nickname. I describe the family background of each teen. While Jamie is bullied by his father at home, this does not make his treatment of Hanna acceptable. Her aunt helps her to gain a sense of self worth. The digital version of each book is available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com but the paperback version is only available through the United States site for some weird reason. The books are suitable for kids at the end of middle school and the beginning of high school. While alcohol is mentioned and romance, no sex scenes appear in the stories. Check out the great cover art for each novella which was created by my clever daughter Elizabeth Allen.

So, now you are up to date and by next Monday, I should be tapping away on my current project. I really want to complete this book and start something new. I have two great ideas for future novels and look forward t starting them.

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