I intend this to be more of a writing blog than my Sunday blog in the winterwood website. But I don’t want to sound pretentious and know-it-all. If I was that good, then I’d already be a famous author and readers would hang on every golden word. My words are more tin or possibly plastic than gold. 

I have leaned some things about writing. To confirm this statement, I can go back to my first novel which deserved to be cremated. The latter ones are definitely less fire-worthy.  Some of the improvement is due to constant practice with bum on seat. I realized fairly early that you can’t produce work if you wait for inspiration to strike. Well, you can wait for it but you may not finish that novel in your lifetime.

The second thing I have learned is to accept help from others. Taking relevant classes is useful and Brian Henry has certainly been helpful to me and many  aspiring authors. You can learn too from your fellow writers. I’ve been in several critique groups over the years and my present one is great. We are small in number but mighty in attitude. You should check out the caper novels starring Dottie Flowers written by Sheila Gale And if you like memoir, read the one by  Donna Kirk with the title of Finding Matthew. (all available on Amazon) Giving and receiving honest and constructive criticism has been the key to making our effective writing group.

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