Health and Writing

I have not been a consistent writer of this blog. Partly because I write a weekly blog on my other site and partly because I am rotten at marketing this writing name and my Molly Fraser novels. Well, now I have another excuse. I can blame things on my health.

You do need to feel good to be able to write productively and when I returned to Canada in April, I did not feel well. I was extra tired and generally poorly. I put this down to the extra busy time I’d had in New Zealand tidying up the house and garden for our lodger. But when I had less to do in Canada, I still did not feel right.

One Saturday, my husband went to the medical clinic where our doctor was working to solve a problem and I went with him to complain. The doctor sent me for blood tests, did not like the results, sent me for more blood tests and an ultrasound and still didn’t like the results. One night, I visited Emergency at the local hospital with nausea and a blinding headache. My blood pressure was sky high at 217. I was given a battery of tests and kept there for about 14 hours. The diagnosis was inconclusive.

We were due to leave for a UK trip on May 12 but on the 9th at my next doctor’s appointment, he told me it was unwise for me to travel. He was referring me to specialists who included a hematologist. Sadly we canceled the trip which had been to visit ancestral towns and cities in England and Scotland.

I saw the hematologist on May 28 and he said he suspected what was wrong with me but further tests would confirm hs diagnoses. I needed a lumbar puncture and more blood tests. The puncture into my bone marrow was nasty and I was sort of getting used to blood tests. Then I was given a phlebotomy. This is a fancy name for the process of draining blood in order to lower blood pressure. The bone marrow tests results would take four weeks. In the mean time I would be given phlebotomies every week and a confirmation diagnosis at the end of June.

Needless to say, this all messed up my writing schedule and how I felt about life in general and writing in particular. More next time. when you can read about the results.

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