Health and Writing Update

It is now October so I have had PV for several months. Usually I would be in New Zealand but alas, I am still in Canada and my husband is down in the deepest south. He is not there for six months however and due back on the 30th of this month.

So, what has happened since I last wrote a blog post. I have had a fall which resulted in a trip to emergency for repairs. Then I had a bout of severe vomiting and diarrhea. I was alarmed by the blood I produced and went by ambulance to emergency. Again. The doctors wanted to work out why I had internal bleeding. Fortunately it stopped before I needed a transfusion. After a night in Emergency I was transferred to the Oncology ward and an endoscopy and colonoscopy were scheduled for the next days. Nothing malignant was discovered. My hematologist wondered if I had torn something while vomiting. I was very glad not to have been diagnosed with a second cancer.

Now what about the second aspect of my title, the writing side of my life. I’ve been off the chemo drug for a month and definitely shown more interest in my computer and various projects. The third and final book in my RULERS AND MAGIANS series has been published and is available on Amazon. The cover of STORM AND SWORD shows a very hunky knight but I’m not sure which character he represents. Read it and decide for yourself.

I found a box of discs from the days when I had computer with a disc drive. My husband still has a drive in his computer so we transferred several old manuscripts onto memory sticks and I started reading one of my earlier works. To my surprise, I had completed 68 000 words and it wasn’t too bad. The working title is THE MAN IN THE HAT and I have every intention of finishing it. I hope that if I am put back on the chemo drug at my appointment next week, my mind is not too fuzzy to make writing difficult.

And of course the other neat thing about being off Hydrea is that I’ve been able to drink the odd glass of wine.

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