I’m a woman of many names. First, my birth name of Barbara Fraser Winter. This led to Barbara Winter under which I wrote children’s books. Then there is my  married name of Barbara Wood which I use for everyday life. Finally comes  Molly Fraser which is printed on the covers of my most recent books. You can work out how I got Fraser, a legitimate part of my birth name.  However, Molly is homage to my mother Molly Winter who died in 2013.

I was born in New Zealand where I lived until my husband and I immigrated to Canada with two children. We added a third child as a centennial project but unfortunately are too old now to produce a fourth one to celebrate 150 years. Since 2011, we have moved between New Zealand and Canada, spending time in each country. I call myself a Caniwi which sounds much better than a Kiwuck.

You may have seen my other website www.barbarawinterandwood.com This one is just for my Molly Fraser writing so it will deal with both contemporary, fantasy and young adult fiction. The blog’s topic will concentrate mainly on writing and I hope to post at least once a month, Maybe more if I get inspired. I still have to keep up my other Sunday blog on the previously mentioned site. I have also added a Molly Fraser page to my Barbara Wood Facebook account and another to the Amazon Author section. A newsletter is also being developed so please check all these things out.

The photos in this website were taken by my talented daughter Elizabeth Allen and used with her permission. (she is very kind to her mother)